Training Mannequin without ear, traing mannequin without face foam head available.

Size: 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24"

16", 1B,1#,2#,4# in stock, hair weight: 135g-140g.

Face style: Europe style.

Density: 6X7,7X7,6X6;

Hair direction:

Natural direction, Back direction.


School, Salon, hairdresser,. Good tools for beauty school students learning how to wash, cut, dye, colored, perm, straight, bleach, make hairstyle.

A. Hot styling with straightener, curling Irons and hairdryers (Max temp - 200°C).

B. Hair coloring. Apply heat to speed up process time for better results.

C. Permanent wavy. Apply heat to speed up process time for better results.

D. Cutting with scissors and razors. (will not blunt thou scissors / razors).

E. Reinforced base for perfect vertical fitting


Inner package: OPP bag with small box,20pcs per carton. We can make your own packaging with your logo, Package box size: 0.45mX0.40mX0.20m, Normal 1X20’ FCL can be load 160 cartons.

Care and Maintenance:

This product has been chemically bathed and disinfected by steaming to ensure optimum safeguards.

Care and Maintenance of your hairdressing mannequin:

hairdressing mannequins are available in a variety of hair colors, texture patterns and length arrangements simulating a diverse client population.

The same careful considerations you would give your client’s hair should be extended to your hairdressing mannequin.

The following guidelines will maximize the life of your educational hair

Cleanse/ Condition

Shampoo using a non alkaline shampoo and lukewarm water

Avoid tangling by running fingers through hair from scalp to ends

Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water

Apply a leave-in conditioner or finishing rinse

Detangle with a large-tooth comb; begin at the nape and comb from ends to scalp in a downward motion

Rinse again (optional)

Chemical Services

Standard tests are recommended to preview results of all chemical treatments

The normal temperature range for shampooing, conditioning, and/or thermal design is 130°C – 170°C

 First, how to choose mannequin head

1. Exercise the Flaxen Hair, primary haircut: Use head mold temperature silk protein silk chemical class!

2. Exercise pull hot curls: animal hair + high temperature wire hair head die! Exercise roll bars are feasible, but after all, and not the same as human hair, hot out of the feeling will be a little different, but not suitable syrup waving, hair softening.

3. stylist Exercise: Exercise hair hair style human hair of the head using a commercially available die!

Second, the use of methods mannequin head

1. Cleaning and maintenance:

Only her hair: a holding neck, only part of the hair into the warm water, then wash with shampoo conditioner maintenance, make the hair more smooth. Washed inverted natural dry or blow dry with a hair dryer can be. Note: The whole process of cleaning water into the scalp to avoid.

2. No makeup mannequin head makeup:

With warm water + detergent, cleanser, makeup water can wash, or wash with water that day outside eyes have makeup face portion (not recommended). Normal service life of one year.

3. curling irons, hot roll corn (used to hot roll mannequin head):

Please curling temperature is controlled at 160 to 180 degrees, length of stay 3 to 5 seconds, horde type can. Hot roll after cleaning or electricity to make hair straightening splint restored to their original, can be used repeatedly.

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Make various Training mannequin head, Practice head with high qulity, medium/high density, natural/back styles, Asia,Korea,Japan,European,Latin American face styles

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